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balmyou - Pure Nilotica Sheabutter (100ml)

Ugandan shea

The balmyou - pure sheabutter cream is made from the nuts of the Ugandan Karité tree and is considered to be of high quality. The special thing about it is that the process of cold pressing ensures that all healthy ingredients are retained and they can thus fully develop their natural power. It is free of synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives and has an unmistakable aroma of nuts and a subtle touch of chocolate.

The naturally contained beta-carotene supports the regeneration and development of cells and tissue, and increases both the ability to resist and it acts as a radical scavenger. In addition, it benefits the natural wound healing of the skin. Vitamin E ensures optimal hydration and also has anti-inflammatory effects. Meanwhile, the ingredient allantoin ensures a soft skin and has a supporting effect on cell regeneration, a soft, silky skin and has a positive effect on cell regeneration. 

The natural and highest-quality all-rounder for the daily care of the skin, especially after the use of soap products. Treatment of skin irritation, rashes, care of rough and hard skin on feet and elbows, reduction and prevention of wrinkles, relief of scars and prevention of pregnancy strips, care of cuticles, and protection of hair and scalp, retreatment of tattoos, mitigation of insect bites, Use as a bath additive and for a soft shave or use with relaxing massages.

100% pure, unrefined, vegan, without parabens, no synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, no mineral oil-based raw materials, ecological and sustainable packaging.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii (shea Butter) - Nilotica shea butter

Content: 100ml

The only ingredients used in this cream is 100% Butyrospermum Parkii - pure shea butter. 

The pure unrefined Nilotica shea butter contains important and healthy ingredients for the skin. The cream is rich in valuable provitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, beta-carotene and vitamin E. 

It is very rich, absorbs quickly and has an anti-inflammatory-, cell-regenerating- and nourishing effect.

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Eco Credentials

  • Raw Materials: The raw materials used are recycled or come from sustainable cultivation on fair terms for the producers.
  • Production: When manufacturing, our suppliers pay attention to the use of renewable energies and sustainable production resources and processes. Furthermore, our suppliers only produce as much as is actually required.
  • Packaging:Optimized packaging made from recycled or sustainably produced materials.
  • Distribution:Our suppliers pay attention to minimal routes and sustainable means of transport during production and dispatch.
  • Recycling: The product lasts a long time and can be easily dismantled and the individual parts can be recycled.